What is the ‘matchmaking’ component of the conference?

One of the core objectives a conference attendee has, beyond obtaining knowledge, is to receive a return on his or her investment.  As our conference is positioned to bring together vendors, customers, press, and investors, we recognize that each attendee will have different definitions of what will be the most valuable outcome.

Toward that end, we are creating a pre- and post- conference matchmaking component.  Essentially, through a ‘triage’ questionnaire, I’ll work with you to identify your needs and help you articulate them to those who can meet them.  My colleague, Seth Grimes, has a unique view of the chessboard to know which providers can meet those needs.

As content analytics technology is evolving so rapidly, there are going to be a number of solutions presented which solve a problem you may not even be aware that you’re having.  Your company may have a business process in place and have dealt with it for so long it has become routine.   

Likewise, for content analytics companies, you may have been pitching “Solution A” when in fact you really needed to get your prospect decisionmakers on the same page for diagnosis.  In other words, prospects need to dial it back a bit, bring BOTH their biz dev and technology groups to the table for collaborative ownership.

What can matchmaking do for you?

– It can help you find your next career.

– It can enable strategic alliances with other vendor solutions

– It can help diagnose problems with business processes

 – It can illuminate new revenue opportunities

Our first series of triage questionnaires will go out just after Labor Day.  In the meantime, we’ll be doing some informal questioning of processes to help determine the best way we can help.

I’d love to hear your ideas.

Laurel Earhart, for the Smart Content Conference.

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